Isabel Corthier, Belgium

Isabel Corthier is a freelance documentary photographer who travels the world and makes photo reportages for humanitarian organizations such as Caritas, Trias, Médecins sans Frontières and more.


Isabel decided  to dedicate herself entirely to photography in 2007 after having a career in architecture.

She started to photograph for Caritas and Doctors Without Borders in Ethiopia and Burundi after which she continued traveling worldwide for different NGO’s.

Isabel is best known for her portraiture of populations and children around the world affected by political turmoil or other forms of conflict. 

Her photographic work was awarded and exhibited multiple times in many different countries and was published in National Geographic.

Since 2015, Isabel has been working as a photography ambassador for Belgian Fujifilm.

She is currently based in Mozambique in Africa.

Isabel Corthier Website




Judge Kars Tuinder
Kars Tuinder, The Netherlands

Kars Tuinder is an award-winning documentary & wedding photographer.


He went to study photography when he was only 15 years old.

His outstanding work has been recognized over the years by many competitions and photo organizations.

Kars has won one of the world’s biggest contest specialized in wedding photography – The Fearless Awards 11 times.

He has also won The Bridal Awards 2 times and The Masters of Wedding Photography 5 times. His documentary work  landed him many awards as well:

In 2017 he was the winner of the B&W Photo of the Year Category at Monovisions Award and the Winner of National Geographic Public Award in the Human category.

In 2018 his name was published amongst the finalists of the Lens Culture Exposure Awards.

Kars is currently working in his studio in the Netherlands, which he opened in 1997.

Kars Tuinder Website

Body of work of Kars Tuinder


Marija Jankovic, Serbia/Belgium

Marija Jankovic -Photo Editor and Multiple Times Awarded Documentary Photographer.


After graduating at Belgrade, Serbia Faculty of Fine Arts in 2002, she worked independently on large photo projects dealing with socio-economic topics.

She gained public recognition with the photograph called ”Original and 52 Notarized Photocopies 2012” which lended her STATUS MAGAZINE Picture of the Year Award. She works as a Photo Editor in a famous political weekly magazine VREME.

Marija has more than 17 years working experience as a photojournalist in Serbian and international press, she participated in 30 exhibitions all around Europe and completed 9 executive projects.

Many of her photographs were published in books dealing with literature and culture.

Marija Jankovic Website


Marko Nadj - The Judge at B/W Child 2019 Photo Competition
Marko Nadj, Serbia/Germany

Marko Nadj is a Fine Art Photographer.

His work focus on mainly dark and moody, conceptual portraits of young people.

Many of his photographs can be found on the covers of bestselling books.

Marko has been discovered at the age of fifteen by PhotoVogue and local photography magazines where few of his earlier self-portraits have been featured. He lives and works in Serbia and Germany. He is selling his fine art photographs via Arcangel Images and Trevillion Images. Marko has been part of the Judging Panel of B&W CHILD Photo Competition since 2016.

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Marko Nadj - Judge at B/W Child 2019 Photo Competition