1ST PLACE: “Rain Boy” by Goran Jović, Croatia
2ND PLACE: “Son” by Megan Axelsson, USA
3RD PLACE: “Untitled” by Cathy Britton, Australia

FINALIST:Amongst The Corn” by Heather Stockett, USA
FINALIST: “Carmelo-y-yo” by Marta Everest, Spain
FINALIST: “Ava Bass” by Lisa Erickson, USA
FINALIST: “Window” by Karolina Pipinska Harper, UK
FINALIST: “Soulful” by Cindy Cavanagh, Australia
FINALIST: “Watered” by Megan Axelsson, USA
FINALIST: “The Past” by Elika Hunt, Estonia
FINALIST: “Hair” by Mary Wilson, Spain
FINALIST: “Boy” by Megan Axelsson, USA
MERIT AWARD: “Angel” by Patrizia Burra, Italy
MERIT AWARD: “Hannah” by Carla Kogelman, The Netherlands
MERIT AWARD: “Girlinahat” by Bianca Morello, Canada
MERIT AWARD: “Believe” by Cyril Blanchard, France
MERIT AWARD: “Frida” by Heide Prange, Germany
MERIT AWARD: “Bebe Boheme” by Bianca Morello, Canada

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